ISLAMABAD Jan. 17, Reuter: Pakistan’s official news agency published a denial on Sunday of charges that material for making nuclear bombs has been smuggled from West Germany to Pakistan.

It quoted an official source as saying the charges were part of a calculated campaign to malign Pakistan, and reiterating that Pakistan’s nuclear program was purely for peaceful purposes.


West German Environment Minister Klaus Toepper said on. Friday that an informer had alleged that the Nukem Nuclear energy. Concern had exported atomic matter to Libya and Pakistan.

Toepfer told Parliament he had ordered an investigation but so far no evidence had been found to support the charge.

Pakistan is one of many developing countries barred by the 1970 nonproliferation treaty from receiving bomb making material.

The Pakistani official source said the allegations were baseless, the news agency reported. Some irresponsible elements in the Western press automatically assume that anything nuclear that went missing found its way to Pakistan or Libya, the source said.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 22, 1988