Dear Editor:

Terrorism is an intense nightmare for the unfortunate society or individuals who must experience it. Most often there is a fiendish and irrational plan organized by the perpetrators of terrorism with intention to control society in some way. The most awful thing about terrorism is that innocent men, women, and children are the objects. By using the innocent people see the death of soldiers for instance, in a different light, because these persons were aware of the degree of risk and danger involved and are supposed to be ready to lay down their lives if need be. However, the world abhors the killing of the innocent, unaware public.

Terrorism is usually thought to be carried out by small groups of radicals. It reaches its peak of

Obscenity when it is unpleased by a powerful government. Today’s world also includes a number of governments that direct violence against their own people to intimidate and silence any political opposition. This is known as state terrorism. The government in a democratic country is supposed to, be set up for the people and by the: people. All persons regardless of religion, race, and sex are to be protected. How terrible is the plight of the people terrorized by the State. There is nowhere to turn when even the judiciary is controlled by the State terrorists. In Punjab, where state terrorism has run amuck, the target of the terrorists is the Sikh community. Being a proud minority the Sikh community offends the Hindu majority simply by its existence. Being devoid of all human sentiments, the Hindu fascist government does not even spare its own people in the campaign against the Sikhs. If it would serve the cause of enraging the mass of Hindus, the government would stage killings of Hindus by the bus loads if need be. The policy of the Hindu government is to call a dog mad, so that when they kill it in a fake encounter, people will say, “anyway, it was a mad dog”.

The innocents of Punjab are in the grip of a hideous nightmare. Boys and men are dragged away to a tortured death or never ending cruel imprisonment. Families are deceived by government agents who pose as young men fleeing persecution. When they give them hospitality, which is normal behavior, regardless of who the person is, the family is arrested under charges of trying to overthrow the government by hosting hardcore criminals. In this way the state terrorists harass and murder the citizens of Punjab. They resort to fake encounters as a means of executing the freedom fighters, or any young man. They think that by destroying every Sikh male, they will crush the Sikh spirit and be free from the Sikhs forever. They do not realize that for every tree of life they destroy, thousands more will sprung up, each time with greater determination than before. The perpetrators of the injustice will neither escape punishment here nor after death when they will be sent to hell worse than those described in their own Shastars. The world will one day shed tears after realizing the suffering that was allowed to take place right under its noses. For the lovers of freedom please note that although there have been traitors, ‘we must not fall into the trap set by the Hindu government which seeks to pit one Sikhs group against the other. Just see how the blood thirsty state terrorists gloat at their temporary victory. It has managed to cause complete disunity among the Sikhs. At this crucial time it is imperative to give up any ego, anger, and desire for false prestige and join together to preserve the glorious Sikh Nation, and establish the Republic of Khalistan,

Satnam Singh Khalsa Mount Horeb, Wi.

Dear Editor:

Recently I received an anonymous letter from Bakersfield, California, exhorting the need of unity. Amongst the Sikhs abroad at this critical time in the history of the Sikh nation. The writer particularly emphasized the inclusion and /or involvement of S. Ganga Singh Dhillon and Dr. Jagjit Singh Chohan of U.K. He also advised making use of their worldwide contacts for the purpose of achieving KHALISTAN.

I am on record as advocating unity amongst Sikhs and as a humble sewadar of Khalsa Panth would like any and all Sikhs to unite under the Kesari Nishan Sahib for the achievement of our goal, i.e., establishment of Khalistan. I believe Dr. Chauhan has been and I hope is still working towards the goal. As far as | know Sikhs in U.S.A. or in Canada and for that matter W.S.O. members have never had any questions about his leadership. If someone has any questions, the same should be addressed to Sikhs in U.K.

Sardar Ganga Singh Dhillon has been around a long time, has contacts worldwide and is resourceful. If he has Panthic interests close to his heart, he may certainly continue to do his part in this struggle as he has done in the past. The Sikh struggle is manifold and efforts are needed in all directions.

In closing, I shall appeal to writers of these anonymous letters to resist from these cowardly acts. If they have any solid or concrete suggestions to offer, they should share them with readers of the World Sikh News which goes to Sikhs in all the 50 States of the Union including Washington, D.C., Canada, England, Europe, Singapore, Australia and India. I am sure W.S.O. would give earnest consideration to such views.

Amarjit Singh Buttar Connetticut

Dear Editor:

I draw attention of your readers to an excellent article carried in your esteemed newspaper “Virus of Disunity” by S. Ganga Singh Dhillon, December 25, 1987 issue.

All of us have been feeling leaderless, and in a state of complete mistrust of each other. It is understood that we may have differences of opinion with each other, but if we are having a common goal, there is absolutely no reason to keep criticing publically our leaders.

  1. Ganga Singh Dhillon has shown courage to speak up on this very vital issue. Unfortunately every critic thinks he is an angel and all others are devils

Let us make resolve that we all stand together and will not tolerate in warranted public criticism of our leaders.

J.S. Sethi Houston, Tx.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 22, 1988