NEW DELHI, India: The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, has once again raised the bogey of Pakistan’s “nuclear weapons programme” saying that the programme was aimed at attacking India.

Addressing various meetings in the Indian occupied state of Jammu and Kashmir during his four day tour, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi said Pakistan was acquiring and developing nuclear weapons which were a threat to India.

Reiterating his allegations of Pakistan’s involvement in the India Punjab affairs, Mr. Gandhi said

“After utterly failing to destabilize India through three armed aggressions, Pakistan has now established freedom fighters camps in its area near the border and was infiltrating them into this country for subversive activities along with sophisticated arms”.

India, he said, was committed to the policy of nonalignment and wanted peace of nonalignment and wanted peace and cordial relations with her neighbors but at the same time “we will protect the solidarity and integrity of our country with full command.”


Article extracted from this publication >>  January 9, 1987