ISLAMABAD, Feb. 16, Reuter: Three people were killed when shells from Afghan artillery struck a Pakistani border area last week, a Pakistan government said today.

About 150 shells hit the Waligai area of Chaman in the Southwestern province of Baluchistan on Wednesday, killing two women and a man, the statement said.

The statement said 10 Afghan planes penetrated Pakistan airspace on Saturday and bombed the Chitral district of the north west frontier province, killing a Pakistani soldier and wounding five soldiers and two civilians.

Pakistani officials said they were the most serious border violations since the Soviet-backed Kabul government proclaimed a unilateral ceasefire in the eight year war by the western backed guerrillas.

The statement said a strong protest was lodged with the Afghan charge D’Affaires in Islamabad today against what it called the unprovoked attacks.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 20, 1987