LOS ANGELES, CA: Though many American companies want to hire bright foreign talent find it increasingly difficult to meet the maze of immigration requirements, the Los Angeles Times reported on March 23.

The article mentioned cases in which immigration was denied to some qualified workers and others. In which U.S. companies were discouraged by the Immigration and Naturalization Service requirements and formalities.

The U.S. faces shortage in areas as engineering, computers, science and mathematics, the paper noted. 16% of executives recruited last year in Southern California came from other countries according to a survey.

But though a new age of global commerce is growing the U.S. and other nations take a strict view towards limiting foreign employees.

Professionals must have a college degree according to I.N.S. and not having one costa businessman with $8 million in sales, a denial, the papers said. A federal judge reviewed the ruling later.

The paper quoted American business leaders who are calling for changes in immigration policies so that more foreign workers can come to the U.S. “A Business Immigration Collation asked the Congress earlier this month to raise the yearly cap on the number of permanent immigrants employees may sponsor to 120,000 from 54,000.”

“What is at stake? More flexible entry rules can make the difference between a successful project undertaken ahead of the foreign competitions and also ran positions,” said Frank D. Kittredge a spokesman for the business group.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 31, 1989