Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, commenting on the Citibank explosion, Deputy Police Commissioner of Delhi, Mr. Amod Kanth said “whatever evidence we have on hand, the chances of involvement of a West Asian “terrorist” group seem probable.

Ambassador: That’s right.

Journalist: He said, “We have definite clauses about Abu Nidal Group’s involvement in the blast”.

Ambassador: Very correct.

Journalist: Don’t you think the baseless suspicion on the Sikhs was deliberately publicized to create antiSikh reaction in America? When will the Indian government stop defaming Sikhs?

Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.

Journalist: Mr., Ambassador, media and the government in India are desperately trying to create the impression that Pakistan was at the back of the Sikh struggle.

Ambassador: That’s right.

Journalist: Sometimes the blame is put on the Central Intelligence of America (CIA) by projecting the Sikh struggle as a sinister conspiracy to destabilize India. Ambassador: Very correct.

Journalist. Don’t you think such divertive tactics will not help in hiding the truth of Sikh insurgency against Hindu Imperialism?

Ambassador. Not in national interest to disclose.

Journalist: Mr. Ambassador, Brahmin lobby in India has started a systematic campaign against what it calls “appeasement” of the minorities.

Ambassador, That’s right.

Journalist: Minorities, on the other hand, feel suffocated in India because of the increasing Hindusation of the administration which is dominated by the Brahmins.

Ambassador, Very correct.

Journalist: Don’t you think Brahmins see greater threat to their privileged position from poor and exploited Hindu lower castes than from the Sikhs or Muslims and want to continue their domination by making Hindus fight the minorities?

Ambassador: Not in national interest to disclose.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 3, 1988