OTTAWA, May 27, Reuter: Thousands of immigrant families will be reunited in Canada asa result of a relaxation of immigration regulations announced on Friday.

The Federal government said that the changes, to take effect July 8, will affect immediate family members and close relatives.

The new rules will allow never married sons and daughters of immigrants to accompany parents when they come to Canada or to join parents already in the country. Previously, only children under 21 years of age were admitted.

“By recognizing all never married children as part of the immediate family, regardless of age, ‘were responding to the real needs of these people to join their relatives here,” said Immigration Minister Barbara McDougall.

Last year about 150,000 immigrants were admitted to Canada to. Join parents already in the country.

Family members settled in Canada will also have to satisfy authorities that they can support children admitted under the new rules.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 3, 1988