Manila, Philippines — The death toll rose to 130 victims Sunday from two typhoons and heavy monsoon rains that spurred the worst flooding in the Philippines in 13 years, authorities said.Typhoon Hal slammed across the northern Philippines a week ago. A second typhoon Wednesday spawned heavy monsoon rains that touched off the worst flooding in 13 years Frides range as high as $60 million.Damascus, Syria — Thirty-nine American hostages. Seized in the hijacking of a TWA jet was released after 17 days in captivity Sunday and were driven from Beirut to Syria for a flight to West Germany and freedom.“That’s very welcome news,” President Reagan said, according to White House spokesman Larry Speaks. “Let me know when they’re wheels are up.The Red Cross convoy escorting the hostages drew sporadic sniper fire as it left the Lebanese capital.The motorcade entered Syrian territory at 8:50 p.m. (1:50 p.m. EDT) three hours after leaving Beirut.The jubilant Americans, grinning, waving and shouting to reporters, were riding in 12 Red Cross cars and a truck that left from a girls’ school in a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Beirut.

Dublin, Ireland__

 Police battled hundreds of teenagers hurling rocks and bottles in Dublin early Sunday after a rock concert turned into a riot. At least 200 people were injured and 50 were arrested, police said.The trouble flared in fashionable Graftson Street after youths gathered there following a concert by the U2 pop group in the Crooke Park sports stadium.Officials said fighting began when a small group of youths threw bottles at police and tried to punch and kick them. The violence escalated as the crowd and the police called for reinforcements and riot gear.The police repeatedly charged into the crowd with falling nightsticks. Groups of youths ran down side streets, smashing shop windows, looting stores and seriously damaging several dozen parked cars.

New Delhi, India__

A tire on a bus exploded, sending the packed vehicle tumbling into a 390footdeep ravine Sunday, killing 30 passengers and seriously injuring 20 others, official All India Radio reported.The accident occurred near the town of Srisailam, about 890 miles south of New Delhi, the radio said.

Isola Del Gran Sasso, Italy__

 Pope John Paul II visited the Abruzzi Mountains of central Italy Sunday.The Pope made his fourth trip to the Abruzzo region northeast of Rome to meet with the sick in the 14th century cathedral of Atri, visit the Sanctuary of St. Gabriel and close a weeklong diocesan Eucharistic congress at Teramo.The 65 now capped Mountains surrounding Isola del Gran Sasso made him think of skiing, “an art in which I am only a little expert.”A frequent skiier and hiker before he became Pope in October 1978, John Paul flew to the northern Italian Alps last July 16 to ski on 10,000foot Mt. Adamello and spend the night in a mountain refuge.

Madrid, Spain__

 Spanish Roman Catholic leaders, branding abortion clinics “centers of degradation and death,” called for a peaceful “resistance movement” to fight Spain’s new abortion laws.Tent legalized abortion Thursday, also warned that Catholics ‘who cooperate morally or physically” to abortions will be automatically excommunicated.The statement, issued Saturday, calls on Catholics to “launch a peaceful but unyielding resistance movement” to abortion.

Guatemala City__

 Seven members of one family were shot to death and six civil defense troops kidnapped, boosting to 19 the number of victims in a recent surge of political violence, police said Sunday.A police spokesman said a group of men armed with machine guns killed seven members of a Guatemalan family in their home near the border with El Salvador late Friday.Five bodies were found inside the house and the bodies of two women who apparently tried to escape were found 50 yards outside the town of Vieja Anguiatu, located on the border 69 miles southeast of Guatemala.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 5, 1985