NEW DELHI: The High Court in Hyderabad upheld allegations of corruption against N.T. Rama Rao, India’s film star turned politician and one of Prime Minister Gandhi’s bitterest political enemies. It said he abused his position of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister to benefit relatives.

NEW DELHI: Two women who played leading roles both on and off screen in the life of movie idol Chief Minister M.G. Ramachandra are now fighting to be his political successors in India’s Southern Tamil Nadu State.

COLOMBO: A bomb rocked Sri Lanka’s sacred city of Kandy on New Year’s Eve Killing four people and wounding more than 56, police and residents said. They said the blast on Thursday night occurred as thousands of people watched the closing stages of a procession of 50 elephants and more than 1000 drummers and dancers in honor of a tooth relic of the Buddha.

MOSCOW: The official Soviet Communist Party newspaper Pravada said 85 foreign advisers from the United States, France and several other countries were helping rebel forces in Afghanistan. The Soviet backed Afghan government said a fourth relief convoy had reached the town of Khost after a long siege was ended. But rebels said the battle continued and one of their commanders had been wounded in the fighting. Meanwhile the Afghan authorities said Osman Demir, a West German National held by them for spying and training rebels, and admitted shooting down two Afghan planes.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 8, 1988