NEW DELHI, India: The number of murders committed in South Delhi has increased from 48 in 1986 to 70 this year, The number of murders committed all over Delhi has also gone up from 257 in 1986 to 294 in 1987.

Of the 70 cases in the South District, six cases were those of violent killings in which altogether 27 people had died, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Mr. P.R.S. Brar, told reporters on Tuesday.

Although the number of murders had gone up drastically, there was no cause for panic, Mr. Brar said.

He pointed out that an equal number of murders had been committed in 1987 in north, central, west and east Delhi, but they had gone unnoticed.

“A totally erroneous impression has been created that South Delhi is not a safe place to live in,” he said.

The six murders in this month could not be termed as a “spate”, Mr. Brar said. In fact, on an average, there were six murders in

South Delhi every month. And going by the figures for Delhi, there was a murder every other day, the DCP pointed out.

None of the six murders this month was connected. “Each had a different reason to it, there was no common thread running through them”, Mr. Brar emphasized.

At least three have been proved to be inside jobs the IAF officer’s wife was murdered by a friend, Mrs. Lilawati Arora living in Greater Kailash by a trusted servant and the third murder, solved on Tuesday, of the Sangam Vihar housewife by the victim’s husband.

None of these murders could have been prevented, the DCP said, as they had all been committed by persons least expected to commit the crime.

Mr. Brar said that though the murder of Mrs. Baldev Kaur, in South Extension last Saturday was yet to be solved, that of the unidentified woman found in Kalkaj on Sunday, was almost solved. The husband who has not come forward to identify the body, was the main suspect, he said.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 8, 1988