New England Sikh Youth Camp was held at Woodstock Vermont from first week of July and last

Week of August 1985. The camp was attended by both children and adults.

The camp was organized by New England Sikh Study Circle, Boston, Mass. Bhai Sahib Jiwan Singh, Bhai Pritam Singh Chani, Bhai Avtar Singh, Bhai Manohar Singh Grewal; Bhai Pritam Singh participated in coordinating and directing the camp activities.

Five Gur Sikh youths from U.K were invited to join the camp as special guests. Their names are:

  1. Uptej Singh
  2. Jaspal Singh
  3. Bhinderpal Kaur
  4. Depinder Singh
  5. Jagdeep Singh

Participants practiced Sikh way of life based on the guiding principles of:

(1) Nam Japo (meditating on the attributes of God)

(2) Kirt Karo (work with Your own hands)

(3) Wand Chhako (Share your food)

The camp life was marked by well chalked out program of activities beginning with getting up in the morning at 6:00 a.m. The morning started with religious services (Ardas, Jap ji Sahib recitation) followed by breakfast.

The children were divided in five groups, for History, Punjabi, Kirtan classes and farm work.

Every noon langar was served by children and they were responsible for the cleaning of the Gurdwara and the kitchen.

In the afternoon children went for horse riding, swimming, boating and games.

In the evening we had Rehras, Shabad Kirtan, and Ardaas. Every evening at the campfire Shabad Kirtan and Nam Simran session was held.


The children’s views about the camp were elicited. All the children claimed that they had learned a good deal about the Sikh way of life, they were more determined to be Sikhs than before. Some teenagers even said that they will take Amrit and become Gur Sikhs. All of them said that they will love to come to the camp again.

Manohar S. Grewal

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 6, 1985