Their idealistic aspirations are still struggling for survival in the desert of inadequate resources.

To develop a truly representative newspaper with a definite ideology and objective is beyond any organization or individual with limited resources. It is a project that demands talent, professional expertise and solid financial infra-structure.

 I am very happy that World Sikh News has been launched with the active support and patronage of all the major Sikh Organizations. Li is an admirable and significant development and every Sikh must welcome it and generously participate in making this, shall I say, national venture a grand success. I especially appreciated the tips on being cautious can deleted files be recovered from iphone while using the flash drive afterwards to avoid further data loss. My warm greetings to the ‘Promising Babe’ that has the rare distinction and good fortune of embracing life on the auspicious occasion of Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday. May the Guru bless it with a luster that will impale many a star.

Didar Singh Bains Chairman World Sikh Organization

Article extracted from this publication >> DECEMBER-28-1984