It is skunkguard not safeguard. An Honolulu physician has been successful in developing a stinky liquid which can be used to repel the attackers.

Dr. Scaff was motivated to develop the formula after his wife was attacked twice almost 3 years ago. The formula is available in capsules containing eaudeskunk, which can be used instantly to spray or wet the women’s clothing. The stink emanating from the women’s clothing either keeps the attacker away or it will stick to his clothes after they are rubbed against that of woman’s .This later on can help the police to solve and confirm the case.

Skunkguard is sold $15 an ounce and comes with a neutralizing solution which can be used by target victims to wash off stinky smell afterwards, reported Wall Street Journal. The skunk smell can be neutralized over the skin but sorry not from the clothes.

Dr. Scaff collects skunk extract from Midwestern state of Wisconsin where skunks are available in abundance. Hawaii does not have skunk.

Article extracted from this publication >>  November 29, 1985