From Our Special Correspondent

Amritsar: Damdami Taksaal and All India Sikh Students Federation convention at Chowk Mehta turned out to be unexpectedly a big success. More than two hundred thousand Sikhs participated in the two day convention which concluded on December 29. Akali government circles were surprised and shaken by the massive participation of Sikhs, 85% of them were youths,

The convention decided to convene a Sarbat Khalsa Convention at Amritsar on January 26, 1986 io launch the ‘Kar Sewa’ of Akal Takkht and Sikhs from all over the world were invited to join this sacred mission, Through a resolution, it was emphasized that the right to undertake “Kar Sewa’ of Akal Takht was exclusively with Damdami Taksaal and those who had deserted the Akal Takht at the time of Blue Star Operation had ‘no right to undertake this Sewa. Through another resolution SGPC. Chief S. Gurcharan Singh Tobra’s announcement to start ‘Kar Sewa” from January 26 has been condemned and rejected.

Baba Thakar Singh of Damdami Taksaal has been appointed to look after the affairs of the Taksaal in the absence of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. The convention also placed on record its appreciation of Sant Jamail Singh’s tremendous contribution to the Sikh Panth. This was the first function organized by the Damdani Taksaal after the army attack on the Golden Temple.

No political leader was allowed to address the congregation nor any political leader was seen attending the convention. Maj. Gen. NarinderSingh (Retd), AISSF Covener Harinder Singh Kahlon and Baba Thakar Singh were the Chief speakers. Baba Joginder Singh was also on the stage but he was not given much time to speak.


The families and dependents of Sikh martyrs were honored. Mr. Kahlon gave a call on behalf of AISSF for blocking traffic (Rasta Roko) on January 10 in the entire state to protest against continued detention of Sikh youths and army deserters in jails both within and outside the state. He said that AISSF would try its level best to remain peaceful but the government resorted to any provocative action, then, the responsibility for trouble would squarely lie on government’s shoulders. He accused the government of going back on its promise of releasing all the detained Sikhs. He also said that police oppression against the youths was daily mounting.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 3, 1986