Manjit is a gentle and very shrewd businessman. He came to United States in 1978 and started his career with Bank of America

San Francisco and later moved to Los Angeles. In 1980 he joined the U.S. Postal Services. He started A&W Root Beer Restaurant in 1981 and kept it till 1986.

In 1983 he bought 7Eleven Store and moved to Stockton. He is very energetic and works very hard at the store. He graduated from Khalsa College Amritsar and did his masters in economics from D.A.V. College Dehradun in 1971. He did his bachelor’s in education in 1972 and also worked as teacher at Malwa Khalsa College Samrala in’7475. His wife Gurpal Grewal is working as R.N. at Dameron Hospital in Stockton and also shares the responsibilities of store. They are proud parents of Pradeep, 14 months and Man Preet.

Article extracted from this publication >> August 26, 1988