DES MOINES, IOWA: Iowa Sikh Association (a non-profit organization) Des Moines, Iowa in order to promote the Sikh philosophy and its ideals, has printed greeted cards of the Sikh Gurus in full color. These extraordinary high gloss greeting cards are printed in limited edition with limited quantities.

There are 12 color greeting cards in each package consisting of 3 color prints EACH of the following:


* GURU NANAK by Artist Sobha Singh

* GURU ARJAN‘S MARTRYDOM by Artist Kirpal Singh


Artist Kirpal Singh

Donation for each package is $11.00 and is tax-deductible. Instead of sending X-mas cards, this year, promote the Sikh faith by sending Guru’s Greetings Cards. These cards can also be used for occasions such as New Year, Birthdays, Vaikakhi greetings, etc.

To order your supplies of Guru’s Greeting Cards, please call 515-265-6565, or send all inquiries to Iowa Sikh Association, 1626 Delaware Ave, Des Moines, lowa 50317.

Article extracted from this publication >> November 18, 1988