Dear Editor:

Atrocities on Sikhs Worldwide

Atrocities on Sikhs worldwide, more directly in Punjab by the government of India, have surpassed all records in the history of mankind. The fact that the Sikhs are still surviving is due to their Capacity to bear tortures and in flinching faith in the triumph of truth over evil.

Brutal treatment of the Blacks by the apartheid regime in South Africa is put to shame when compared similar treatment of the Sikhs in India.”

Why Sikh case has not yet caught up with the eyes of the people of the world, is due to the overwhelmingly preposterous propaganda by the government of that country against this small but virile community. People of the world have, up till now, been kept in total trance by hypnotizing the governments and their people by the government of that country.


Anyone who wants to put himself in true picture of things happening in Punjab (India) will do well to understand the following:  “Hindus of India are notoriously known for their characteristic of ungratefulness, deceitfulness and cowardice. Under stressful and compelling conditions, they will

Drop their pants and gladly offer their womenfolk to the tyrants. When in authority, as they are today, they will grossly abuse and misuse it against their benefactors. They know when to bend even when asked to crawl”.

Plight of the Sikhs can be well imagined, comparing it with the Shakespearean phrases which run as follows:

“The weight of this sad time we must obey Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say”.

Mani Sahota Nepean,

Ontario, Canada

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 20, 1987