Dear Editor:

It is sad but true that with the sacrifice of the brave an environment of opportunity and prosperity is created for others. To pacify the Sikhs this Hindu Government will resort to all sort of devious means to entice the Sikhs, with a hoax of promises, or appointment here and there. Such short term opportunities are meant to divert the attention of the Sikh Nation from the ultimate goal of sovereignty.

Those who are showered with these opportunities either top the list of incompetents or must meet the criteria of slave mentality. The performance of these individuals is measured by the amount of damage they may inflict to their respective communities. Sikhs who are out to please the Hindu majority and stand to benefit from the suffering of their community are truly the pimps besmearing the glorious traditions of the Sikh Nation.

The Hindu regime has done an excellent job of abusing the Sikhs by using the Sikhs. First a Sikh President was instructed to finalize the order for assault on Sikh religious places, then large number of Sikh troops were deployed to carry out the assault and to top it off released photographs of a Sikh President decorating the Sikh participants of operation Blue Star. Who is this Hindu Majority trying to fool? Talk about sprinkling salt on the wounds! “No one can do it better than the Hindus of Hindustan.””

Sincerely, Ranbir Singh Sekhon

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank you for your efforts in bringing out World Sikh News every week. The article written by Dr. Prithivipal Singh, M.D. and published in April 19, 1985 issue was very praiseworthy. We must all rededicate ourselves to the Sikh way of life as taught by the Gurus. We should not forget what Guru said,

“As long as khalsa remains distinct

I will give him all of my power;

But when he goes the Brahmin Way

I will not even care to try him.

(Guru Gobind Singh)

Secondly I would like to express my fear of Indian Government proposal for atomic power plant. I can only see its harmful effects to Sikh Community. Government could destroy large number of Sikhs in a very short time by showing it to be an accident. We all know that this government is determined to destroy Sikh identity. We should warn Punjab Sikhs never to accept atomic power plant before becoming Independent. We should insist on getting electric power from Bhakhra plant.

We should anticipate all dangerous moves by the Indian Government that are aimed at destroying Sikh Community, their Historical places and their economy.

Yours Sincerely,

Gursharan Singh Saini


Dear Editor,

It is all a mystery that there are no cow’s tails and horns now found in the Hindu Temples in Punjab. Why is it that no priests of the Hindu Temples are now being murdered? Why are there no cigarette butts found in the sacred waters of the Golden Temple? Again, how is it that each time an attempt was alleged to have been made on the life of Darbara Singh, Harcharan Singh Ajnala, Kewal Krishan and other dignitaries, they escaped assassination? The public has a right to know as to what happened to the man arrested with a pistol at Ropar who was alleged to have attacked Darbara Singh, as no case has been filed against him.

The fact is that these were all stage managed by the Chief Minister and his coterie of Ministers, to Malign The Sikh Community in order to provide an excuse to the government to suppress them.

The center should hold an inquiry into all these matters to ensure permanent peace in the state and expose the hand of the miscreants and the perpetrators of such crimes.

Again, has the attack on the Golden Temple solved the Punjab problem? Have the murders of innocent men, women and children in Delhi and other Indian States brought about normalcy in the Punjab? Are the killings not continuing with a vengeance? After the murder of K. L. Manchanda in Chandigarh, did not Sant Longowal issue a statement that there was government hand behind the murder? Why is government silent on these issues?

The fact is that police excesses have radicalized the Sikhs and unless the arrests, tortures and killings in fake police encounters are stopped, normalcy will never return to the state.

Sincerely, Balwant Singh Buttar

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1985