Dear Editor,

In reading the November 22, 1985 issue of WSN, I couldn’t help but notice the extraordinary effort made by WSO officers in reaffirming their support for General Bhullar; perhaps, the show of support is justified. For myself, I would feel more comfortable and would join them wholeheartedly if you would list his accomplishments and those of the WSO under his leadership over the last 18 months.

We are all aware that we as a community have gone through some trying times in the recent past. We need solid, competent leadership that can play a key role in progressing our cause. Mere slogan shouting and self-praise is not the order of the day. Please put forward facts of WSO’s (and Gen. Bhullar’s) accomplishments to the Sikh sangat so that they may also “reaffirm their faith” in him.

Incidentally, I want to be clear that this is intended as a healthy self-evaluation within the community rather than a divisive action. If the record is a reasonably good one and the Sikh Sangat approves it, I will, regardless of my personal feelings, give him my full support. RS. Dhillon Easton, Mass.

*Note: The function of World Sikh News is to report the events. For getting the list of WSO accomplishments you are advised to approach WSO office. Editor

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 20, 1985