Dear Editor,

The problem in Punjab is no longer confined to religious and economic demands of a political party. The destruction of the holy Akal Takht, massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs and continued repression of Sikhs in the army occupied Punjab have radically changed the scenario. The question of demands has become irrelevant in the context of the calculated design to destroy Sikh identity. It is no use beating about the bush.

Let us not waste our precious time in escapist exercises. The reality of Sikh slavery in India has to be admitted and challenged. The sooner Sikhs realize it, the better it would be for their survival.


Let us drop all postures, cowardly excuses and rise above narrow vested interests and face the reality if we have an iota of interest in preserving our identity, freedom and sovereignty.



  1. S. Grewal, M. D.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 2, 1985