Dear Editor,

As always, we have read the July 1985 edition of World Sikh News with interest. We would like to bring three news items in this edition to the attention of the Sikhs and to the editor of this newspaper.

First, referring to page 3column 5, titled ‘Punjab University Syndicate Decisions” and your comments. “One wonders if there are no Sikhs suitable for any of the above appointments.” “We agree with your comments that there is discrimination against Sikhs, even in the heart of Punjab, where there is a Sikh majority. However, we must also be concerned with the discrimination of Sikhs by Sikhs. Therefore, please turn to page 8columns 3 and 4 “WSO Steering Committee formed in UK” and page 10, “WSO of Canada Board of Directors Meet.” We are listing the following last names of the office bearers from the UK and Canada in alphabetical order to bring your attention: Bal, Bains, Bhangoo, Bhullar, Brar, Chahal, Dhillon, Gakhal, Ghankas, Gill, Jabal, Jandu, Johal, Pandori, Parmar, Rai, Sandhu, Sangha, Sidhu, Singh, and Suman. Does this list of names ring a bell, sir? I would like to ask our honorable editor, members of WSO of UK and Canada and Sikhs in general are there no non Jats who are worthy of inclusion in our organizations? Are there no women among Sikhs who are committed to Sikh causes and prepared to serve our community and organizations?

Since we are supporters of WSO, we would like to appeal to all Sikhs (men, women, youth, Alhuwalias, American Sikhs, Aroras, Dalits, Jats, Khatris, and Ramgarhia Sikhs) to join hands together and work towards a common goal that is the survival of Sikhs. Lets us not set up minorities or a ruling class among a minority. A Sikh is a Sikh is a Sikh. Those who perpetuate class, caste, and sex distinctions among Sikhs are working against the fundamentals of Sikhism and deserve to be Tankhayias (punishable by Sikh Panj Payaras (Five head priests).


Yours sincerely,

Kuldip Kaur &

 Naunihal Singh

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 2, 1985