Dear Editor:

Hindus are at it again killing this time untouchables in Ahmedabad, India, because the government made it a law to enforce the extension of human rights to untouchables normally extended without question to everyone in a real democracy regardless of race, creed, religion or sex. The bride burning, the burning and destroying places of worship of other religions, executing brutally injured agitators rather than extending them medical assistance, looting, gang rape of women (aged ten to seventy) of minorities and massacre of minorities and lately the question of a possible sabotage in Bhopal Union Carbide plant where the gas leak victims appear to be mostly low caste untouchables and Muslims.

The question begs the answer whether it was a sabotage? If so, was the sabotage to divert the attention of international media from the pogrom of Sikhs or intentional to kill untouchables. Where would it all end?


  1. Wilson,

82-Rideau Drive

Ottawa, Ontario

Forwarded to the editor, World Sikh News for pre edit and publication please.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 26, 1985