Dear Editor,

I am very pleased that finally Sikhs living abroad have found a joint voice in your esteemed paper. May Wahe Guru shower its choicest blessings on this organization and your esteemed paper. Any psycholinguist will tell you that every word has a core. The core of the word produces meditational responses in our psyche. For some reason, I do not like the word Hindu India used over and over again to stress the dehumanization to which minorities in India have been subjected. The dehumanization is done by the Congress (I) regime and hence it is Congress (1) India.

Moreover, there are Hindus who are as upset as we all are here. They have written and produced documentary evidence for us to use. Their names are Puri (India Today), Rajni Kothari and Giri Deshingkar (Illustrated Weekly) and (Who are the Guilty), Kuldeep Nayar, Romesh Thaper to mention a few. Joyti Basu and NTR are also Hindus and have come to the help of the Sikhs even though they have been labeled Akalis by their enemies.

By using the word Hindu we tend to become too myopic thereby losing the sight of Sikh ethos of “Sarbat Ka Bhala.”’



  1. S. Sodhi Ph.D.

Halifax, N.S.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 19, 1985