Dear Editor,

I have read with considerable interest Mr. Sukhbir Singh’s article entitled: “Sikhs No Protector of Hindus,” published in your issue of the 9th of September.

It dispels quite a few myths, which the wily Hindu mind has sedulously implanted in the Sikh psyche to keep it a prisoner of the Hindu milieu, Unfortunately, as the learned writer has himself pointed out, these myths have been promoted by a few gullible Sikhs themselves. Itis therefore a refreshing change to see some thoughtful Sikh writers trying to clear these hallowed cobwebs of manipulated history.

To my mind, the first pre requisite of a people struggling for a tryst with destiny is to have a clear perception of their history and their role. In fact, such a perception furnishes a kind of assurance for the success of the life and death struggle that the Sikhs are waging to rescue their identity from the Hindu deluge. Physical resistance can go awry without true perception.

The Sikhs must be enabled to identify their enemies — both among men and ideas if they are to defeat all attempts to divert and stultify their struggle. Writers like Mr. Sukhbir Singh would be doing no less a service to the Sikh cause than those who are shedding their blood for it by warning fellow Sikhs against sympathizers of the variety “‘maan to heinjli dain’, who are increasingly in evidence these days.


“Sikhs Still Insecure In India”

Dear Editor,

The recent butchering of the Sikhs in Bidar (S India) & burning of their properties by the mob terrorists show how vulnerable Sikhs are in India. Once again the police became silent spectators in this daylight orgy which continued unabated for 48 hours or more.

Once again the criminals will go unpunished as in the massacre of Sikhs in 1984. What’s more frightening is that the news never got reported to the International Press. It is interesting to note that while the police and central government leave no stone unturned in bringing alleged Sikh militants in Punjab to quick justice (killing them on the spot) it lets go the Hindu terrorist element thereby encouraging them to become more savage the next time around.

Isn’t Khalistan a necessity under these circumstances?

Harbir Singh Little Ferry, NJ

SIKHS: I will loot you”

Dear Editor,

Gopal Singh’s article “Whither Sikhs? Whither Sikhism? Would be more convincing if titled, “Sikhs, I will loot you of your Rights.” He counsels us against politics through religion and then recommends “secularism” Which kind he did not mention.

Gopal should know all Indian politicians modus operandi is Ghanaian ideology. The Ruling Congress where Gopal takes refuge is no exception. The principle that operates this ideology is “FRAUD” limited only by the stretch of one’s imagination. Politicking with religion is at best considered “holy”. That is what MK. Gandhi practiced.

Suffice to say Gandhi style secularism (politics & religion) is attractive to many Hindus when used against others. When it comes to western style secularism, Akali’s record is better than that of its elder brother — the Congress. There are many examples I can quote. But Gopal Singh selectively ignores all that. In any event, all that “practice of secularism” was of no help, at least, for the Sikh minority over the years. And Gopal still echoes “Secularism is the only guarantee for the survival of minorities.” May be there is a Gopal style secularism. Let us look at it:

Before Independence Gopal Singh sabotaged the Sikh’s “due decision making process” in re~ grads to their fate in the upcoming Post British era, He cunningly destabilized the Akalis for all times to come. Gopals friend of those days call him “GADDAAR”. Obviously, Mr. Nehru was jubilant at Gopal, he said, “Sardar Sahib, you have done well by coming to me rather than to Mr. Jinnah. We will take care of you.” In addition to many more honors, Gopal is now Governor of Goa. Oh yes, the same tiny helpless Goa that was invaded and seized by Gandhian Ideologues without the blink of “ahimsa and secularism!”

And then to popularize his glory among the Sikhs by fraud, I ask, “Is it possible Gopal plagiarized the English translation of Guru Granth Sahib in exchange for women?” You guessed right: using “religion” and to gain “political popularity” is simply a modus vivendi to Gopal. He should look within himself before trying to loot us again.

  1. Singh Augusta, GA

Article extracted from this publication >> October 14, 1988