Dear Editor:

Your Editorial “Vaisakhi Resolution” is appropriate, commendable and to the point. You have hit the nail on the head! We in the Khalsa Panth have too many Chiefs not enough Indians. We seem to forget the teachings of Sahib Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who was Guru and Disciple as well. Our leaders should follow the lofty Principles laid by our Gurus.

It looks like, we in the Khalsa Panth are suffering from “I disagree and walkout” syndrome. Every Singh should resolve on Khalsa birthday that all arguments, diverse opinions will be discussed and passed’ by democratic consensus and every one of us should abide by the decision of the majority.

Let us also resolve that disagreement of opinion, methodology approaches has a fair chance to be heard in a closed room. But to the outside world, we should present unity. We all have right to disagree but only in closed room but to the outside, we are one Khalsa Panth.

United we stand Divided we fall.

I appeal to all the Sikhs of the world to come under one umbrella that is Khalsa Panth, a united and strong Khalsa Panth. Let W.S.O., International Sikh Youth Federation. Khalsa Commando Force, Babbar Khalsa, moderates and radicals, Keshdhari and Sahej dhari, Sikh of every walk of life get under Nishan Sahib of Khalsa Panth with the thunder of Boley So Nihal, Sat Siri Akal shake the universe. Divisions among us will not get any result but solidarity will. Every Sikh should resolve to work with body, mind and soul for Khalsa solidarity. This is the greatest homage we can pay to our Sahib Guru Gobind Singh Ji on Vaisakhi, Khalsa’s birthday.

Our adversary is looking at Sikh nation as a mirror with many cracks, we look at political map of India vs. Sikh nation, and Hindus seem to be much more united. No matter what political affiliation they have, they speak against the Sikh nation, may they be Congress, Jana Sangh, Janata or Communist.

Let us not forget the lessons of history. One of the techniques Hindu government of India learned from their British masters is “divided and rule”. Let us not full into this trap and be manipulated by Hindu Government of India. Freedom will sprout from united Khalsa Panth.

Let us all resolve on Vaisakhi day, that every Sikh will ask for Panth Unity in Ardas. Every Sikh should pray for Panthic unity. Waheguru will answer our prayers and unite us under adverse circumstances.

 Sawarn Singh Saini

Belleville, Ont., Can.

Dear Editor:


JODHPUR JAIL                                                                                                                                    

Findings of the People’s Civil Liberty that detainees at Jodhpur Jail are being treated worse than that meted out to real convicts (WSN 4/1), is a gross understatement.

According to the 40 detainees who have recently been released (India Today 4/5), at least 50 of those held in the Jail have already turned “insane” and about as many are semi psychopaths and will soon become “lunatics” if kept under the current conditions for long.

The Jodhpur detainees, without trial since Operation Blue Star, have been used by the Government as a “pawn” — to force the so called militants to submit to the Government’s terms and dictates, little realizing that Sikhs are at least one community that are traditionally stubborn, not to be deterred by repression and they reckon no amount of sacrifice too much a price for their survival, honour and self-respect.

Shri Ram Ramaya jamica. KS


 A bizarre Press Conference held in Bombay on March 19, 1988, all the Sikhs of the State have served with an ultimatum by the Shiv Sena Parmukh Bal Thackeray that unless they send a delegation to the Head Priests in Amritsar and force them to issue a “HUKAMNAMA” against the so called militants, they will be confronted with a “Social and Economic” boycott, within a period of one month.

The move, although, may sound to be undemocratic, harsh and unwise, and may be strongly resented by the Sikhs, whether or not they are, directly or indirectly involved with the “Khalistan” movement; but the threat may, ultimately, turn out to be beneficial for the militants. The Sikhs living outside the Punjab are generally affluent and anti Khalistan. But when harassed all over the country, they may eventually be compelled to pack up and return to their homeland Punjab. This will add to the strength of the pro Khalistan militants and oblige the anti Khalistan element (Hindus) to migrate out of Punjab. Then, whether you like it or not; or much as you might hate, the Khalistan dream will virtually become a reality much quicker than otherwise expected. The Sikhs probably know it too well that no sacrifice is too much for their survival and integrity. The Shiv Sena’s mindless move might, in the long run, prove to be a blessing in disguise for the Sikhs; and help speed up the disintegration of the country.

 Shri Ram Ramaya, KS Jamica, KS

Article extracted from this publication >> May 6, 1988