Dear Editor,

It is indeed gratifying to note that “World Sikh News” has started bringing out special supplements, highlighting the Sikhs residing in various geographical areas, No matter how commendable this feature may be, it must be analysed in a proper perspective.

These supplements do serve a useful purpose. They inform the Sikh readers of fellow Sikhs, wherever they are. But it appears that no definite rationale is followed in selecting as to who should be included and who should not be. I am of the view, that only Sikhs who have contributed in a positive manner in this country deserve a place. At the moment the supplements reads more or less like a directory of Sikhs. The paper, if it hopes to become a representive Sikh voice, has to develop a dispassionate angle and need not restrict itself to individuals who are aligned one way or another. Irrespective of the person’s status WSN should spotlight what a person’s accomplishments are rather than get carried away by other narrow considerations.

It is a good paper but is only at the threshold of a big leap. It needs to become a lot more professional and improve in many ways. Without the requisite improvements, I am afraid, it will remain bogged down in the shallows rather than triumphantly voyage over the high seas.

  1. Singh Vancouver, Canada

Dear Editor:

Giani Sohan Singh, Head Priest, Sri Harmander Sahib, Sardar Bhan Singh, Secretary, S.G.P.C and Sardar Mal Singh Ghuman received gun shots at Guru Nanak Engineering College Ludhiana on July 26, 1988, where they had gone to attend a meeting of the Nanakana Sahib Trust which manages the said College. The former two died as a result of the injuries and S. Mal Singh is on his way to recovery. The attack has been attributed to the Militants even though no arrest has been made so far. It is more than likely that the said attack was by the Ribeiro’s Red Brigade so as to cause division amongst the Sikhs and further spread the disinformation about them.

During Sardar Mal Singh Ghuman’s stay in Ludhiana Hospital Governor Punjab S.S. Ray visited him to inquire about his health and to express his governments concern at the incident. Likewise Sardar Sarabjit Singh Deputy Commissioner Amritsar attended the funerals of Giani Sohan Singh and Sardar Bhan Singh in Amnitsar.

Would any of your esteemed newspaper readers let us know the motive of the Punjab Gov.; officials in attending these functions?

Amarjit Singh Buttar Vernon CT 06066 USA

Dear Editor,

Though my copy of World Sikh News arrives late, it’s a pleasure to browse through the pages.

Other than the political news for which the paper stands, the new features included like “Health Notes” are valuable indeed. Your recent regular feature “This Week in 1985” brings into focus the continuing tragedy in our Punjab. These dark days are still with us, and are a constant reminder of our Not too distant a past. One humble suggestion is that the paper should regularity carry columns on Immigration matters, as lot of Sikhs are involved in problems of that nature.

One point that is not clear, is World Sikh News English or a Punjabi paper? I am hoping that a few more features will be added for making it more interesting and informative.

Satinder Singh New York, NY

Dear Editor,

As a young Sikh born and brought up in the states, it was very big news that “World Sikh News” carried the autographed photo of Herschel Walker the Dallas Cow boy’s running back. I enjoy reading the sports page, which contains sports, some of which are new to me, but I like them all the same.

The wonderful work is highly appreciated.

Ned Hullon Dallas, Texas

Article extracted from this publication >> September 2, 1988