Michigan: The fourth annual Sikh Studies Symposium is scheduled to be held at the Michigan State University on December 34, 1988. It will be held at the Asian Studies Center of the University. The Center will host the symposium in collaboration with the Sikh Studies Association.

The topic of the 1988 Symposium is Sikh Studies. Appraisal of Sources History and Method. Interested scholars are invited at this time to submit proposals for papers with abstracts. The deadline for receiving proposals is Monday, September 26, 1988. Earlier submissions will help expedite program decisions. Papers may address the topic of the Symposium from a disciplinary or an interdisciplinary perspective.

Titles and abstracts of papers proposed and inquiries for further information should be sent to:

Professor Surjit Singh Dulai, Chairperson, Humanities Department, Michigan State University, 503 South Kedzie Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824, Telephone 5173559571 (Campus) 5173393826 (Home),

Information is also available from: Professor Satnam Singh Bhugra, Lead person, Teacher Education Programs, Lansing Community College, P.O. Box 400/0, Lansing, MI 489017210, Telephone 5174831136 (Campus) 5173325506 (Home).

Travel expenses will be the responsibility of the participants or their institutions.

It is expected that the final program will be published by about the middle of October 1988.

Please circulate this announcement to colleagues in Sikh Studies.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 2, 1988