I am a Pakistani and an occasional reader of World Sikh News. It thinks World Sikh News is playing a very important and crucial role in the development of Sikh nationalism and culture.

As a close observer of your struggle for many years now, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on the subject.

My brothers, have you not asked yourself, why you do not have more sympathy among the nations of the world? You might say, what has the world got to do with our struggle? In fact, and quite correctly so, you might think that the world is blind to what is happening in the Punjab.

The world sees the Punjab through the eyes of the western media, who have become subservient to the wishes of the industrial world. To this end they impose self-censorship, when negative situations develop which are contrary to these objectives. The western media did not mention much about the invasion of the Golden Temple or the massacre that followed. The media also sows the seed of misinformation and disinformation for their own gain. They are the masters of the double standard.

For example, not one industrial country has pulled out of South Africa, why? because it is not in there interest. They reap great economic benefits and reward from that rich country. The industrial world tums a blind eye to the oppression and death that take place there, it is true, money transcends all barriers.

Why did the world not cry, when the Indian army invaded the most holy place in Sikhdom, the Golden Temple of Amritsar. When the Indian army went on a rampage of terror, killing men, women and children with the compassion of butchers. Why did the world with its supposed civilized code of honor and justice allow people to be slaughtered for the crime of being bom, a Sikh.

While the Sikhs were dying the industrial world was making more money. They did not want to know of the great desecration and genocide that took place that day. The world once again turned its back when crimes against humanity were being committed, just like they did when the Israel army and its puppets went in to the Palestine camps of Shettela and Sabra, we know what happened there, the world now knows what happened, but does it care? Why?

The industrial worlds interest lies with a stable India, who can police the subcontinent on their behalf, whether it is El Salvador, Palestine, Ireland or the Punjab no price is to high no blood ‘is too much for the industrial world to protect its self-interests which never corresponds to the interests of the oppressed peoples of the world.

Brothers there are many countries of the world whose heart lies with you. For at one time they too suffered and died so that they may be free. They are your brothers in struggle you so that they may be free. They are your brothers in struggle; you need to mobilize these countries to your defense in the House of Nations. Your battles will be won with your blood and tears in nations. Your battles will ‘be won with your blood and tears in the hills and valleys of your beautiful homeland, but the war will be won when you are excepted by the nations of the world to your rightful seat at the table of nations The United Nations.

Having so many diverse organizations although dedicated to the same ideal an Independent Khalistan is creating difficulties both at home and abroad. I feel that the different movements with their membership are so fragmented that the ultimate dream of your people is not being realized. Unfortunately the different movements have mutual suspicion of each other and in this atmosphere only enmity will be fostered between the leaders, not that mutual bond of fellowship and comrade that is necessary for a successful liberation struggle. If only the leadership can come together and forma pan nationalist front that represents all the aspirations of your people then I believe that you will be recognized both at home and abroad, as the strong voice of your people not the many gentle whispering voices that are currently heard. Remember a body is the sum of its many parts all working together for the good of body. You my brothers are like a body but lacking a head.

India will be happy to maintain the current status quo. They have learned well from there former masters the British Empire they now use on Sikhs what the corrupt empire used on them the Indians they divide and rule. I believe the Sikh must learn from other struggles of liberation. If you look at PLO and IRA you will find PLO and IRA are strong liberation movements, where strength and regionalism lies in there unity. You my brother should be committed to the struggle of liberation with “A ballot box in one hand and an armalite in the other.”

I think what is needed is the coming together of a broad consensus of the Sikh people, demanding and fighting for an independent Khalistan. Independence will not come easily, it certainly will not be handed over to you. You will only achieve it through political agitation coupled with an effective armed struggle. The armed struggle should form the cutting edge of your campaign. It should be a way of attraction, where the aim is not to win an overall military victory (which would be impossible against much superior Indian army) but to create an environment where by the Indian government will have to pay every high price both in money and blood to maintain its domination over your beloved home land. The price should eventually become so great that the Indian government will want to come to the table and talk of peace not war. Political agitation must always complement the arm struggle. The people must be mobilized and their energies channeled into the political agitation. You must build from the ground up from the local committee up to national level.

It is only through such political structures that you can confront with confidence the might of the Indian establishment.

I have one concern, I must bring up at this point, as it may have important repercussions within in my homeland Muslim Punjab. There are certain religious shrines that are of great importance to Sikh religion, what concerns me is when you get your freedom, will you then start to agitate and occupy the land that these shrines are on?(see Khalistan map). If not and you will be happy to live in peace and harmony with your Muslim brothers. Then we can offer you much. I have my finger on the pulse of our people and can say their hearts are with you and they give you spiritual, moral and if possible material support.

I look forward to the day when I can look across the BRB with a smile and see your people United and Free!

Abbassi Mohammed Mumtaz New York, NY

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 31, 1989