Coercion Can’t Curb Freedom Struggle

Four villagers hung some time ago in a village of Gurdaspur, a border district of Punjab, are a pointer to the way life in Punjab is. It is retaliation for the hanging of Bhai Satwant Singh and Bhai Kehar Singh on January 6.

No state can control a well-built group of freedom fighters by force. Russia has tried its best to control the Poles and Afghans by force ant is hardly successful. The rich white Americans have tried their best to drive the blacks to a state of serfdom but their effort has completely failed.

This is true of not only these two great countries, but of all other parts of the world. We have only to think of Vietnams under Americans, Manchuria under the Japanese, Ethopia under the Italians and so on. Coercion can hold sway only up to a certain point.

Operation Blue Star in June 1984 has positively disturbed the Sikh psyche. The Sikhs feel humiliated and let down in India. Statements by government officials in Punjab ete, do not mean anything and will make no difference now. Punjab, being controlled by the might of police and Army, is a shame on India. The solution is Khalistan and that is the objective of Sikhs, all over the world. Rajiv Gandhi cannot stop the destiny of Khalistan. Long Live the Freedom ‘Fighters. All Sikhs pray for a beloved land of their own. Gurbax Singh Vancouver B.C. Canada

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Article extracted from this publication >>  February 10, 1989