Dear Editor:


There are two ways to win a race. Common and honest way is to excel your merits and overcome your weaknesses with a will and practice. The other is spurious way make the opponent steadily incapacitated physically or morally by drugging, inflicting physical injuries and so on, The latter is exactly the method Swami Daya Nand adopted to promote “Arya Samaj” amongst the world religions, not too long ago, about a hundred years back. He, in his book “Satyarath Parkash” has audaciously condemned each and every existing religion and berated their founders, including Hindu Sanathan Dharam, in very degrading terms, to high light “Arya Samaj”.

It is under the Arya Samajic teachings that the Deccan Herald had the guts to hurl such pro vacating abuses on Prophet Mohammad. It is on the behest of Arya Samaj that the Hindus in India have lately adopted a hateful attitude towards non Hindus and the term “secularism” has become a mockery, only to punctuate political speeches and slogans. Butchering of thousands of pilgrims in Operation Bluestar, killing over 25,000 Sikhs in anti-Sikh riots subsequent to the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi, trouble in Assam, Gurkhaland agitation, Hindu Muslim everyday clashes in U.P., Bihar Bombay, Gujarat and now in Bengalore are all the outcome of the same cancerous spirit.

If a dispassionate investigation of impartial judges is ever held, it will at once be revealed that the first thing that the government must do to promote peace and harmony and reestablish “nationalism” and “secularism” in order to infuse a spirit of coexistence in India, is to ban “Arya Samaj” and their bible “Satyarth Parkash”. So long as Arya Samajis are allowed to propagate their cult, the false Hindu ego and their ambition to dominate the minorities will never let anybody live in peace and tranquility.

Rajiv Gandhi may cry hoarse and try his utmost, with the best of his intentions, seeds of disintegration, sowed, unwittingly by his predecessors, on the behest of the Arya Samaj, have got to be harvested, unless the root cause is remedied and eliminated altogether. After all, you cannot continue to live in humiliation with someone who hates you and does not treat you as his equal.

However, no matter how devastating the situation might seem to have developed in Punjab, due to poor leadership and tactless handling, it is naive to presume that it is too complex to be solved, even at this belated stage. No doubt, it has been made into a difficult problem and would entail enormously dedicated effort to cement the potholes of strained relationship with sincere and bold statesmanship and foresight of Hindus and Sikhs. But, it certainly is neither impossible nor too late to solve a problem amicably and honorably. The Punjab problem is purely a political issue and must not be confused with “Law and Order” problem, and can be rescued by political and diplomatic means. But, if the Rajiv government continues to be persistently hesitant and stubbornly sticks to his mother’s dilatory policy and not act justly, firmly and promptly, “Khalistan”, beneficial to Sikhs or not, will have to be carved out, sooner or later, not as much by the Sikhs, as by the unwitty negligence of the government itself, for the Sikhs; as once Pakistan was created by the unfair treatment of Muslims by Hindus.


Most of the Hindus and even many Sikhs entertain misgivings about the viability of Khalistan; as they were also skeptical on the creation of Pakistan. But if the Sikhs are pushed too hard to the point of no return, they will be left with no option. Viable or not, the question becomes irrelevant, when there is no choice. If, however, the Khalistan ever comes into being, the responsibility must squarely rest on India Hindus and not on SIKHS.


Narendra Singh

Denver, Colorado

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 9, 1987