Dear Editor, A letter was published in the World Sikh News, September 20 issue with Mr. Hakam Singh, Marwah and Dhaliwal as signatories. One cannot disagree with their statement that Sikhs have not learnt a lesson.

As I pause for a moment and reflect over the tragic events, such as rape of Sikh women pilgrims during Indian Army raid, murder of children, dousing Sikhs with gasoline and burning them alive and several other forms of atrocities which were also reported by the Hindu journalists, not to mention the priceless documents which were burnt intentionally, I wonder who are the ones who have not learnt a lesson.

The bold statements of these individuals are intended to serve the rulers of India. Can such persons call themselves true Sikhs, let alone act as spokesmen of the community, is a question that their conscience can best answer. Actions of such individuals only prolong the suffering of the community and delay justice. Indian democracy is a big farce and Brahamin Dynastic rule is the reality and the fate of India. Think about it. I hope Sarkari Sikhs will realize their treachery and seek forgiveness from the Khalsa Panth.



Harcharan Singh

Grover City, Calif.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 6, 1985