Dear Editor,

Mr. Marwah and his friends are deeply concerned about Sikh Unity and are subtly blaming Sikh radicals for political rift in the Sikh community. Since when Akalis have become the inner voice of Sikh consciousness? Like the Hindu ruling class of India, these gentlemen want us to believe that Indian government’s onslaught on Sikhs is a democratic way to address the Sikh grievances.

Indira Gandhi cannot be mistaken as Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Longowal at best can represent Dhian Singh Dogra. I can assure my friends that Sikhs are more united now than they ever were in the annals of Sikh history since the downfall of Sikh empire. It is the first time Sikhs are united for a noble cause i.e. Freedom.

Is there a better Sikh way of life than to fight for dignity and self-respect of the Khalsa Panth? My friends can improve the Sikh image and help their cause by asking their friendly Indian government to open a meaningful and constructive dialogue with Sikh revolutionaries, so that Sikh freedom could be negotiated in a peaceful environment.


Yours truly,

Gurdial Singh,

Panth Khalsa Radio.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 6, 1985