CHANDIGARAH India: The Left Front in West Bengal scored a land slide victory in Monday’s poll annexing 251 out of 294 seats results for which have been declared gaining more than 2/3 majority in the 294 member Assembly. The results have shown polarization of political forces in Bengal with the electorate choosing between the Left Front and the Congress (I). The Congress (I) which put up candidates in all constituencies is still 18 shot of its present strength of 56 in the House and there is no possibility of its achieving even this target.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, the Janata Party, Lok Dal Rashtriya Samajvadi Congress under Parnab Mukherji drew blank. The results show that Front had made a clear sweep in the North Bengal district, retained its supremacy in Burdwan, Brahmpur, and Prule districts of Central Bengal and in the process making deep inroads to the Congress (I) stronghold wresting a number of seats from them. However, in Calcutta metropolitan and its suburbs of Howrah, Salimpur, Barrackpur Belt and in the interior belt of Asansol and Kulli Congress (1) put up a good show.

In Darjeeling districts where the Gurkha National Front, fighting for a separate state for Indian Gurkhas had boycotted the polls, the polling was negligible. The C.P.I. (M) won all five seats it contested. In Kerala the Left Front captured 75 seats in a House of 140. Congress (I) alliance won 61 seats and two were won by other parties. Elections for two seats were not held.

In Kashmir Farooq Abdulla’s National Conference won 37 seats, Congress (I) 24, Muslim United Front 4, B.J.P. 2, Independent 4 (MUF Supported). Total seats are 73 and elections for 2 seats were postponed. (SEE EDITORIAL)

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 3, 1987