Dear Editor,


I am sending you copy of the rejoinder that I wrote to the editor of India Abroad in order to point out the sick projections of his reporters in vilifying Sikhs. You can print it for the information of your readers.

Dear Raju,

There you go again vilifying the Sikhs through your reporter’s cheap shots under the caption ‘‘Ideas & Trends.” Is this new caption an old wine in a new bottle or a new wine in an old bottle?

Your reporter, Aziz Haniffa, mentions that some “clean shaven”’ Sikhs trying to enter the USA through Miami, “‘had conceded that they had received training in terrorist type activities.’’ (India Abroad, March 8, 1985).

It is inconceivable that any criminal or terrorist would admit or make such a statement, particularly while entering into another country. Therefore, one wonders, as to who are these clean shaven people? Neither a refugee nor a prospective immigrant would make such foolish statements. Did your reporter ask the immigration officers if they have any names, passport numbers or other identification of these people? Did the immigration officers apprehend these people and notify the law enforcement authorities to indict them. If not, why should anybody give any credence to these reports? These reports raise more disturbing questions. Are some of your reporters fabricating these stories to malign the Sikhs, or are they becoming the tools of a worldwide network of government agents, who are provoking hatred and violent incidents to blackmail the Sikhs. Please permit me to suggest, Mr. Editor, that your reporters should go to India and find the facts about the peaceful Sikh struggle for justice and CCM, Wil Hans movement was turned into a target of state terrorism during the ASSIAD. They should find out and report the facts for your readers about the bloody assault on the Golden Temple complex under complete news blackout, continued military occupation of Punjab and murder of thousands of the Sikhs, between the ages of 18 and 45 through fake encounters, and lately the genocide of the Sikhs after the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi. They should report on the demands of the Citizens’ Commission and_ other Human Rights Groups, consisting of eminent Indian scholars, journalists, lawyers and judges for an independent inquiry of this genocide, and the indictment of Hindu terrorists and criminals who massacred thousands of the innocent Sikhs. Your reporters should go to India and listen to the silent cries of thousands of Sikh widows and orphans who are in refugee camps and bring their stories of horror and shame for your readers.

Mr. Editor, I hope it is not too much to ask you to treat your readers with some decency and respect by bringing them news and information which can enhance their understanding of the facts and real problems, so we can collectively find peaceful and equitable solutions rather than feeding them with these kind of baseless stories vilifying the Sikhs.


Yours sincerely,

Gurcharan Singh

The Sikh

Heritage Institute,

New York

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 29, 1985