SAN JOSE, Ca.: Khalsa Sports Club, San Jose, lifted the glittering trophy in a one day national hockey tournament organized by Lusitino Hockey Club of Marine County, San Francisco. This tournament was held on Saturday, April 25, 1987, on the Laraksour Police Grounds. Four teams i.e.: host Lusitino Club, Yuba Brothers, Yuba City Marine Country Hockey Club and Khalsa Sports Club, San Jose, participated in this tournament on a league cum knock out basis. The knock out i.e.: the final match was played between Khalsa Sports Club, San Jose, which came at the top of the league table, scoring five points and Yuba Brothers, the runners up of the league, encounters with four points. Earlier in the league matches, the San Jose Club drew with the local team, Lusitino and Yuba Brothers lost to Khalsas, thus losing one and two points respectively.

The final match, which was primarily a tie between two Punjabi teams ended with no score during the scheduled time. Even the extra time could not produce any results. The fate of the match was decided with penalty strokes in which the goal keeper of the Khalsa Club, Boby Sandhu, sealed the luck of Yuba Brothers by refusing to yield any goal of the five penalty strokes made by Yuba players. On the other hand, the Khalsas were able to convert three of their five strokes, thus winning awarded to the winners and run the crucial match by 3-0 margin.

The prizes and trophies were awarded to the winners and runners up by the president of the host club.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 1, 1987