Late Mrs. Gandhi is guilty of having wrecked rule of law established by the British and having totally destroyed the democratic set up after they left the country.

Her abnormal power mania compelled her to sell the country to the Russians and make an all-out effort and exercise to convert the country into a second Afghanistan gathering total power in her hands and after her, in the members of her family.

During the entire post-independence period, the country is being governed with the help of goondas, smugglers, black marketers, and all sorts of antisocial elements, which formed and is still forming the government’s private army.

All plans of late Mrs. Gandhi to destroy Sikhs proved totally counterproductive. Every Sikh wherever he lives on the globe is bitterly agitated and is wedded to solve the community’s problems once for all. The only thing which is not understood by anyone is that the government has no faith in the Sikhs and the Sikhs have no faith in the government, then why all this hue and cry of separatism? Separatism is the only answer in view of the present situation created by Mrs. Gandhi and being perpetuated by her son. Every day that passes the country is drawing near its doom. No one can blame the information media because there is no information media as such. It is all controlled and rendered ineffective by the government.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry in India is talking about the “‘solution’’ of Punjab problem. How very ridiculous that they are expecting ‘‘solution” from the government which created the problem. How will they solve it. They want to make it more complicated to render it beyond cure.

Neither the government nor the Akalis are the people who can solve the problem. It is only the Punjabi Hindus alone. They should immediately retrace their steps and past follies and declare with all apologies that they are Punjabis first and last. They should get hold of the Anandpur Sahib resolution and launch an agitation to get it accepted in total. They can seek help from the Akalis and the No congress States for this to make their task easier. This is the one and the only solution and if the people want to keep beating about the bush they shall be doing so at the final disintegration of the country.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 26, 1985