Dear Dr. Dhillon,

Thank you for your letter of May 4, 1985. I regret I cannot accept my recent nomination as interim Vice President of the National Council of U.S.A. I am convinced I can better serve the WSO as a member of the Governing Council rather than get involved in administering the National Council.

Please make this effective immediately.

Sincerely Yours, Karamijit Singh Rai demolished and _ reconstructed by devout Sikhs.

Against a backdrop of intrigue reigning inside the Akali Dal, the issue of rebuilding the Akal Takht is now likely to acquire serious dimensions. Earlier the number of Sikhs inciuding some leaders discounted Mr. Tohra’s statements made in a flush of enthusiasm and bravado. Others were of the opinion that to vindicate his statements a symbolic demolition of the Takht would be carried out either by scrapping off the gold leaf or some similar tactic.

However now the falling of the slab seems to have somehow legitimized Mr. Tohra’s call for demolition of the Takht in the eyes of a large number of Sikhs. Playing a pivotal role in the current crisis enveloping the Akali Dal Mr.Tohra may for short term gains cash in on people’s feelings and plead for the demolition of the Takht. Should this decision be carried through both the SGPC and the Akali Dal meetings, the state of Punjab is in for trying times.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 24, 1985