New Delhi — Scores of Supreme Court lawyers have signed a memorandum seeking an emergency general body meeting of the Bar Association to deplore the remark of Justice Yogeshwar Dayal of the Delhi High Court who called journalists wretched.

The resolution, to be moved at the meeting, “Holitely and firmly” requested the judge to resign as early as possible to protect the judiciary from the present controversy over his remark.

The lawyers expressed deep concern over the remarks made by Justice Dayal, which he has not denied, calling journalists wretched and professors worse.

His views are bound to affect the decisions he is called upon to make in the cases likely to come up before him, the draft resolution said.

The Supreme Court lawyers recalled that in 1983, Lord Denning of England tendered apology and resigned his high judicial post following a remark in which he had said that coloured people were not suitable for sitting in the jury. This example should be followed by Justice Dayal also, according to the Supreme Court lawyers.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 12, 1985