New Delhi — Though the top  Akali leaders after their release have been making harsh statements, the Government does not seem to be deterred by these and a serious effort is being made to find some way out to solve the Punjab issue.

According to sources, the cabinet committee on Punjab is supposed to go into the Punjab problem but in the behind the scene activities, the Prime Minister is reportedly having the guidance of some other important circles. These circles are making hectic efforts to bring the Akali leaders to the negotiating table.

The Government is reportedly aware of the Akalis’ sharp reaction to the presentation of gallantry awards by President Zail Singh on Saturday to that Army

Officers who had participated in the Operation Blue Star. The publicity given to these awards by AIR and Doordarshan has further provoked the Akalis.

It is stated that the Government has been watching the infighting among the Akalis and waiting to see who could be accepted as their leader.

The Prime Minister is not relying on the state Congress (I) leaders for any suggestion. The central leadership’s experience has been that Punjab leaders because of their personnel rivalries have been giving wrong advice. Even now whenever the state leaders tender any advice that is to create more confrontation with the Akalis than giving any honest opinion.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 12, 1985