New Delhi: In an exhaustive report published by Gobinda Mukhoty, President People’s Union for Democratic Rights and Rajni Kothari, President People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Indian information and Broadcasting Minister H. K. L. Bhogat along with a number of congress (I) members of Parliament and Youth congress(I) leaders have been unequivocally  indicted for carrying out a well-planned and calculated orgy of arson, looting, burning alive and mercilessly butchering innocent Sikhs in Delhi. The report has rejected the half-baked interpretation that the violence was a spontaneous expression of “srief, madness and Anger.” The report has only confirmed the fact of the Operation Bluefish editorially commented by the World Sikh News in its introductory bulletin. The report has identified 15 congress (I) political stalwarts who abetted, instigated and directed the criminals hired for enacting ‘Operation Bluefish.’ Liquor and money was freely distributed to the rampaging mob. The report has also blamed the Delhi Police personnel for direct participation and abetment in killing the Sikhs. There were, however some Stray cases of good neighborly protection provided by thoughtful Hindus and Muslims, says the report.

Article extracted from World Sikh News issue dated >> DECEMBER-28-1984