KARACHI: Reuter: Pakistan’s former Captain Imran Khan said on Friday his decision to retire from international cricket was still unchanged despite a temptation to make a comeback.

The Board of control for cricket in Pakistan (BCCP) said earlier this week it had asked the all-rounder to come out of retirement and lead the team on the forthcoming tour of West Indies.

“I am deeply honored and privileged to hear about the opinion of all my well-wishers who desire that lead team to the West Indies,” Imran told Reuters.

“I on my part have been tempted to accept the challenge, particularly as this tour had not been announced when I took the decision to retire”,

But he added: “My decision to retire was made after a great deal of thought and remains unchanged”.

The BCCP’s call to Imran to change his mind followed a statement by his successor Javed Miandad that he wanted to quit the captaincy to concentrate on his batting.

Imran is due to leave for Bombay on Saturday on a private visit for a few days. When he returns he is likely to see BCCP officials before they finally LAHORE, Pakistan: Pakistani students threatened on Tuesday to go on hunger strike to force Imran Khan to resume the Captaincy of the National Cricket team. If planned demonstration and March failed, four members of the “Bring Back Imran Khan Action Committee”, would hold a 24hourhunger strike on January 11 and the following day four more would start a fast to the death, the students said.

The Committee, based at Government College in Lahore, told a news conference it would start its campaign with a silent demonstration in the city on Friday.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 8, 1988