Immigrant visa availability for March, 1988. is as follows:

Foreign State                                       1st           2nd         3rd          4th                 5th          6th        Noapref

All Foreign States

And Dependent areas Except

Those Listed Below                             C      9-22-86      10-15-87   C       4-1-82    1-1-86       U

China-mainland born                          C      9- 22-86     10-15-87   C       1-1-81    4-8-85       U

Korea                                                   C      9-22-86      10-15-87   C       2-15-81  3-8-85       U

Mexico                                                C       2-1-78        10-15-87  3-15-80 12-23-76 10-15-83  U

Philippines                                       8-15-82 7-22-81      7-22-71   6-22-80  9-22-76   7-8-84     U

Hong Kong                                           C       9-22-86      2-8-87     1-3-83     9-21-77   1-1-86     U

India                                                     C       9-22-86      2-8-87      C       10-1-81    1-1-86     U

Dominican Republic                             C     11-1-85          U            U            U           U          U

*Dependent areas with backlogs have not been listed.

“C” means current — i.e., that visa numbers available for all qualified applicants. “U” means unavailable. The cutoff date for an oversubscribed category is the priority of the first applicant who could not be reached within the numerical limitations. Only applicants who have a priority date earlier than the cutoff date may be allotted a visa number. The non-preference category continues to be unavailable and is expected to remain so indefinitely.

The first preference (Unmarried sons and daughters of U.S. Citizens) category remained current for all foreign states, China (mainlant and Taiwan born), Korea, Mexico, Hong Kong, India and the Dominican Republic. It remained at Aug. 15, 1982 for the Philippines.

The second preference (Spouses, unmarried sons or daughters of lawful permanent residents) category for all foreign states, India, Korea, and China moved one month to Sept. 22, 1986. For the Philippines it ahead moved three weeks to July 22, 1981; for Mexico it moved two weeks to Feb. 1, 1978; moved one month to Nov. 1, 1985 for the Dominican Republic; and moved over five and one half months to June 21, 1983 for Hong Kong.

The third preference (Members of professions or those of exceptional ability in the science or arts) category for all foreign states, Korea, China (Mainland and Taiwan born) moved over two weeks to Oct. 15, 1987. It moved three weeks to Feb. 22, 1971, for the Philippines and remained at Feb. 8, 1987, for India and at October 1, 1987 for Hong Kong.

The fourth preference (Married sons and married daughters of U.S. Citizens) category remained current for all foreign states, China, India and Korea. It moved six weeks to June 22, 1980, for the Philippines, moved one month to March 15, 1 980, for Mexico and moved over two weeks to Jan. 3, 1983 for Hong Kong.

The fifth preference (brothers and sisters of U.S, Citizens provided the U.S. citizen is over 21) category moved one week to April 1, 1982 for all the foreign states group. It moved to Jan. 1, 1981 for China. It moved one month to Feb. 15, 1981, for Korea and three weeks to Sept. 22, 1976, for the Philippines. It moved one day to Dec. 23, 1976 for Mexico; moved to Sept. 21, 1977 for Hong Kong and moved two weeks to October 1, 1981 for India.

The sixth preference (Skilled or unskilled workers, not of a temporary or seasonal nature, in short supply) remained at Jan. 1, 1986 for all foreign states group and India. For mainland China it moved four months and three weeks to April 8, 1985, and for Korea three months and three weeks to March 8, 1985. It moved to Jan. 1, 1986, for Hong Kong to October 15, 1983, for Mexico. It remained at July 8, 1984, for the Philippines.

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