Present unholy alliance of the government of India with Longowal and the prevailing ideas about Sikhs in these countries.

  1. Bonfires of Longowal were in very serious doubt right from the very beginning.
  2. He has been used as a last trump card against the Sikhs after Baba Santa Singh.
  3. It appears that he (Longowal) will die his own death soon because of lack of followers. Even then we have to watch the undercurrents which that most dishonest government is bound to create for the Sikhs. Close contact with

Some well-informed person in India is most essential.

  1. Elections in Punjab are likely to be announced soon, it appears.
  2. Are we not duty bound to advise Baba Joginder Singh as to what policy he has to adopt if the elections take place? If they??? The election that wretched Longowal faction will form some sort of government as advised by the government and once in power will come up with all fury against the Baba Joginder Singh faction and try to annihilate them, with the help of the government.

I for one would suggest that the elections should not be boycotted. Instead, they should mobilize all sources and defeat all candidates put up by Longowal by putting up one against each of his candidates. After winning the election, when the Governor asks them to form ministry, they should give him a most befitting reply saying that we have no intention of forming any government in this corrupt atmosphere in the country. We fought the election to show officially that the Bhindranwale faction is the true representative body of the Sikhs. Then the entire world will know the reality.

Whatever be your decision in this matter, Sikhs in India should be warned sufficiently in advance of the attitude they should in the elections being ordered.

  1. Every person supporting the W.S.O. must be kept constantly informed of the accounting of the monies handled by the organization. This aspect of any organization is so important that this alone can prove and create doom for the party which does not keep its supporters informed of the state of funds it is handling. Please instruct all your subunits accordingly. The W.S.O. seems to have established well and its future depends on how honestly its funds are handled.
  2. Every effort should be made to improve the means of communication within the organization and between its subunits. Fallout efficient means of communication from top to the grass roots no organization can function much less succeed. The existing arrangement leaves much to be desired.
  3. Maximum _ stress should be laid on instructing the people to remain strictly within the limits of the law of these lands and never trespass law under any circumstances. This should form a constant reminder to the people.

Maj Gen. J.S. Bhullar with copy to the Editor of the World Sikh News for suitable action to be taken in these matters.

This is from the Sikhs in Ottawa who are keenly interested in the struggle of the community for survival.


Article extracted from this publication >>  August 23, 1985