We, the members of the Sikh Gurdwara (Temple) of North Carolina, are in the final stages of building of our own Gurdwara. It is a true Sikh Gurdwara, brand new and being built in the Sikh architectural style, not a renovated old church.

We are a small but devout organization of only 20 families. So far, Waheguru has been most kind to us and we have been able to raise most of the amount necessary to build our Gurdwara. However, we will need additional funds to complete the construction.

It would be impossible for me to overemphasize the necessity for Gurdwaras, especially here in America. Gurdwaras alone can produce the climate and spiritual nourishment necessary for Sikhism to take root and flourish in the West. If we wish to remain true to the teachings of our Gurus, we must have Gurdwaras in order to keep those teachings alive.

As you know, the future of Sikhism in the West rests in the hands of the Sikh youth. Unless the Sikhs imbibe enough of the lofty teachings and glorious tradition of the Khalsa, Sikhism will wither instead of flourish. Instead of being a mighty Banyan tree rooted in fertile soil, Sikhism in the West will only be a haggard weed, crawling in the dust, blown hither and thither by unfavorable winds. This is the most important reason for the establishment of Gurdwaras here, so the Sikh youth will receive sufficient guidance and inspiration to keep the flame of Sikhism burning strongly. For those adult Sikhs who have already become “burned out”

And especially for the young Sikhs who have yet to take up the torch, this Gurdwaras is not just a necessity, it is a priority. This Gurdwara will be a source of eternal flame, both to relight the spirit of Sikhism within the older Sikhs and to ignite that fire within the hearts of the Sikh children born and growing up here.

I will be open with you; I am 19 years old and have spent most of my life here in the U.S. I know, only too well, how easy it is for Sikh children to be overwhelmed by an ocean of American culture. For too long, we have had no Gurdwara here in North Carolina. I was enrolled in a Baptist (Christian) kindergarten and brainwashed into saying in front of the class that I had “Jesus in my heart.” As I grew older, I was easily victimized by the negative elements in American culture. I wanted to conform to American society so badly that I was seriously considering running away from home and cutting my hair. I knew more about rock music than I did about the teachings of our Gurus. I knew more about the Bible than about the Guru Granth Sahib. I was 18 before I could name all the 10 Gurus in order. In short, I was ashamed to be a Sikh. I know that these confessions of mine are atrocious, I can only hope that they will emphasize the point I am trying to make: The Sikhs growing up in the West need proper guidance and instruction. Gurdwaras can supply that guidance and instruction. I am bringing these facts to your notice because my example is by no means an isolated case. The things

That happened to me are happening and will continue to happen to other Sikh children living here.

Well, Khalsaji, I hope that you will agree with me that there is a definite need for Gurdwaras here in the U.S. If you do agree, then I would humbly request you all, on both an organizational and on an individual basis, to contribute to our Gurdwara construction fund. Please do give as much as you think this project deserves. Any and all donations you make will be tax deductible and acknowledge by a receipt. Make checks payable to.

The Sikh Gurdwara (Temple) of North Carolina, Inc. The address is 1708 Tryon Drive, Fayetteville, N.C. 28303.

There is a girl here who started singing shabads in front of the sangat at the age of 2. Sukhbir Walha is her name and she just recently turned 3. If you would like more Sikh children to have a firm foundation in the glorious tradition of our Gurus, then please contribute. If you would like the Indian government’s lies to be revealed for what they truly are, then please contribute. If you would like to go to sleep at night with peace in your heart, secure in the knowledge that the future of Sikhism is guaranteed to be bright, and that no earthly forces will ever finish us off, then please contribute. Finally, what more can I say than this let the words of our blessed founder, Satguru Nanak Dev Ji be your guide: NAM JAPO, KIRAT KARO, VAND CHHAKO.


Sincerely yours, Gurpreet Singh Jawa

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 23, 1985