NEW DELHI, Sept 29, Reuter: The Human Rights World Rock Tour starring Bruce Springsteen and other top performers has arrived in Delhi to a row over its promotion, organizers said on Thursday.

They said the Pro Government times of India newspaper had used its position as promoter to boost its 150th anniversary instead of amnesty international, the Human Rights Group behind the 20 nation tour.

New Delhi always dismisses amnesty international reports of Human Rights abuses in India, saying the country’s legal system was adequate to cope with any accusations.

The organizers, who asked not to be named, said the newspaper had agreed to replace billboards which proclaimed the daily’s anniversary without mentioning Human Rights.

Television programs last weekend sponsored by The Times Of India made only a passing mention of Human Rights.

American superstar Springsteen told reporters it was understandable that the performers got the attention rather than Human Rights.


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