DALLAS, TX.: On June 12, 1988, the Sangat of the Gurdwara Singh Sabha of Dallas, Texas, honored the shaheeds of the Operation Blue star and other operations conducted by the Indian government against innocent Sikhs since June 1, 1984. After Akhandpath, kirtan was performed by S. Harbhajan Singh, Dr. Rajinder Singh Sidhu, and S. Kabul Singh Bhullar. Children presented a program of eulogistic poems and melodious Shabad. As the Diwan Hall resounded with the melodies of their presentation of “Raj Karega Khalsa”, the sangat applauded with Jaikaras. S. Manmohan Singh, Hargopal Singh, and Sardarni Rashpal Kaur Randhawa served lassi and langar with the loving help of the Sangat Professor Pritpal Singh Chatha spoke on the occasion, appreciating the children and urging the Sangat to continue their grateful acknowledgement of the supreme sacrifice of those laid down their lives while defending the Golden Temple and innocent worshippers and others all over India who have continued the fight against the

Abuse of human rights, abuse of the democratic system, and the practice of discriminatory policies. He requested the Sangat to forget their personal differences and unite under one kesari flag and under one leadership to achieve their objective of freedom, democracy, and self-rule in Punjab.

Article extracted from this publication >> July 15, 1988