360° head rolls, in which you vigorously roll your head or bend your head back forcefully, may injure the disks in your neck. Side neck stretches — use the weight of your hand to pull your head gently to the side and then forward. Also pull it diagonally. Full squats, like deep knee bends or squat thrusts, greatly increase stress on the knees. Partial squats strengthen the muscles on the front of your thigh. Squat no more than one quarter way down: hold on to the wall for support as you extend one leg forward. Donkey kicks, in which you rapidly lift your leg as high as possible while on all fours, cause the back to arch and also contort the shoulders and neck. Rear thigh lifts safely work your buttock muscles. Bring your thigh only parallel to your torso. Keep your back straight, and move your leg to a slow, controlled manner. Swan stretch lying on your stomach and lifting your chest and legs puts your back in jeopardy. Prone arm/leg raises strengthen back muscles safely. Lie face down with one or two pillows under your stomach and your arms resting in front of you. Raise your right arm and left leg 4 to 6 inches for 5 seconds. Alternate sides.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 6, 1988