KENSINGTON, M.D. The martyrdom day of Guru Arjun Dev Ji was commemorated on June 19 by the sangat of Guru Gobind Singh Foundation.

The program included speeches and kirtan by the children of the Foundation’s Gurmat class. Members of the Kaura family of North Carolina and those of S. Mohinder Singh’s family of Stockton, Ca., also performed kirtan. ;

Bhai Gurdarshan Singh spoke on the life of Guru Arjun Dev Ji and reminded the congregation of the Guru Sahib’s bestowing the Golden Temple in Amritsar and getting the Guru Grarith Sahib written and edited. He also gave a commentary on the sawias.

The ragi jatha of Bhai Lal Singh, which is visiting the U.S. from India, also rendered Kirtan. Rajwant Singh the secretary of the organization appealed to the sangat to be more active in community affairs. He specially stressed on the need to involve the younger generations with community affairs. The Foundation plans to feed the homeless and the hungry on July Washington, D.C. This is the fourth such activity organized by the Foundation.

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Article extracted from this publication >> June 24, 1988