DALLAS, Texas: On June 7, 1987, the Sangat of the Gurdwara Singh Sabha of Dallas, Texas, paid a glowing tribute to the Sikh Martyrs. Under the supervision of their Sunday school teachers and Sardar Hardeep Singh Dhingra and Sardarni Jagdish Kaur Dhingra, children had prepared a special presentation entitled “For Hufsarate.

They recited the melodious shabad with carefully planned stops for their speeches detailing the sociopolitical contexts and historical facts about Sikh martyrdoms and massacres from the Age of Guru Arjun Dev Ji through the twentieth century. Opening remarks were made by Sardarni Upinder Kaur; concluding remarks were made by Dr. Diljit Kaur Chatha, While Upinder acknowledged the spiritual progress India made with the dawning of Sikhism, Diljit acknowledged the hard work of the children and Sardarni Jagdish Kaur and others who assisted in preparing a superior presentation. She also urged the Gurdwara Committee to follow a carefully devised plan for promoting ethnic pride through an enhancement of knowledge about the Sikh religion, Sikh history, and the Sikh language. Proudly reminding the Sangat of Guru Gobind

SIngh Ji’s special blessings upon the Khalsa, she told the parents that it is incumbent upon them to engage in teaching Punjabi to the young Khalsas and thus prepare them to learn about their heritage on firsthand basis.

The text for the program was prepared by Dr. Rajinder Singh Sidhu and Prof. Pritpal Singh Chatha. The Sangat was blessed with Kirtan by Bhai Jagjit Singh and Jatha. Sweet lassi was served in keeping with the Sikh tradition.

On June 7, 1987, the Sangat of the Gurdwara Singh Sabha of Dallas, Texas, passed a resolution for Panthic Unity. The resolution was prepared by Prof. Pritpal Singh Chatha, and it was presented by Sardar Jaswant Singh Grewal the President of the Gurdwara. Sardar Manmohan Singh Cheema and Dr. Rajinder Singh Sidhu moved and seconded that the resolution be adopted. It was unanimously adopted by the Sangat with jaikaras led by Sardar Hardeep Singh Dhingra.


The Sangat of Gurdwara Singh Sabha of Dallas, Texas, recognizes the Temporal Authority of Shri Akal Takht Sahib over the Sikh world. Therefore, the Sangat of Gurdwara Singh Sabha expects Shri Akal Takht to rule the Sikh hearts and minds through Hukumnamas that guide the community during the difficult time at present and the challenging time of the future. Fully endorsing the appointment of Prof. Darshan Singh KhaIsa Ji as the Jathedar of the Akal Takht, the Sangat urges the Jathedar to stay, together with the Jathedars of the other Takhts, above partisanship and to unite the Sikh parties in one Panthic body so that they can lead the Panth to the attainment and safeguarding of its aspirations. In addition, the Jathedars must have Hukumnamas to condemn all actions of individuals, splinter groups, and all other agents who attempt to bargain Panthic aspirations for the kursi and/or self-enrichment. The Sangat also urges Jathedar Darshan Singh Khalsa to make united and concerted effort to keep the Khalsa Panth and its institutions firmly united to the original tenets of Sikhism.

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