To commemorate the Sikh martyrs in India:

This is a follow up on our suggestions for a specific program of action which we submitted to you a few weeks ago. If you decide upon a blood drive, we would like to recommend to you a series of guidelines which could enhance the impact of what we do. These guidelines are not unusual per se but could assist in highlighting the injustice done to the Sikhs in India.

  1. Since our numbers are limited, in order to make the strongest impact, we should try to arrange one regional site where several Sikh institutions can collaborate. Ideally, if we can arrange perhaps 7 to 10 such sites across the country at the same time, the impact could be dramatic.
  2. Display banners of all societies collaborating at a regional site.
  3. Display a banner on “Why this event.”
  4. Appoint a committee of physicians from the community. It can provide liaison between the community and the local blood bank as well as conduct initial screening of donors etc.
  5. Appoint one spokesperson for the region.
  6. Prepare a list of donors preferably one per family. Donors should be men and women above 18 years of age.
  7. On the day of the drive all male donors should appear wearing turbans.
  8. Arrange a site so that a part of it can be isolated for the blood drive while in another portion keertan and diwan can proceed at the same time. If the local media will juxtapose these two, the impact will be stronger.
  9. Contact your local Blood Bank/Red Cross and arrange with them a firm date, time and place. They will probably send you a mobile unit if ahead of time
  10. a) They can be assured of the availability of minimum number of donors
  11. b) They have approved of the site.
  12. Prepare a very brief brochure on the event. We are currently preparing one and it will be available.
  13. Well ahead of time, send information to the local press, Indian press and to the Sikh press as well as to the radio and television media. Follow up several times right up to the event.
  14. If possible, hire a professional public relations person.
  15. We strongly suggest the weekend of June 79, 1985 for this event. In this society, this should provide us maximum positive impact at minimum expense. Thank you.

SIKH CAUSE, P.O. Box 46, Albertson, New York 11507.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 24, 1985